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Epiroc to Provide Batteries as a Service to Vale Canada



The world’s first Batteries as a Service agreement has been finalized in Canada, with Vale and Epiroc partnering on this innovative new approach for utilizing battery technology in mining operations. With Batteries as a Service, Epiroc works directly with the customer to define a battery plan that suits the needs of their operation. The lifespan is guaranteed and the battery status is carefully monitored to ensure predictive maintenance with reduced downtime. If a customer wants to increase or decrease their capacity, they can adjust their plan and the service will be tailored to meet their requirements. As part of an ongoing sustainability commitment, Epiroc will remove old batteries from site and replace them with new. These older batteries are then used for secondary applications and will be recycled at the end of the process.


To complement the new battery fleet, Vale will also be adding three of Epiroc’s charging cabinets and seven charging posts for equipment support.

The delivery of the battery equipment to both sites will occur over the course of 2020 and into the first quarter of 2021.

As mining companies continue to strive for sustainable productivity and zero emissions, the fast evolution and development of different options within the field of battery technology can be extremely challenging.


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